70911 – The Penguin Arctic Roller


A new year, a new round of Lego releases.  This year we have the screening of a new Lego movie – a Lego Batman movie, which will premiere in a few weeks (or later if you live in Australia).  The new sets popped up on Lego Shop online, and only just hit retail outlets recently.  I came across some of the range yesterday, and opted to pick up this gem.

The contents: we get two large numbered polybags (1 & 2), a sticker sheet and two instruction books.

The first bag and book assembles Batman and the central body of the Roller:


The second bag produces the Penguin and the remaining body of the Roller, plus the little token boat thing which fits in the car’s boot (or trunk). 

The final build looks like this:


The main focus should be on the vehicle itself, it is the star attraction to the set:


Unfortunately, it features flick fire missiles at the front which I’m not a fan of.  I might mod this out, as I feel it’s a wasted opportunity to add more detail at the front.

Lastly, let us have a look at comparing similar “era” Lego vehicles.  You can see the Roller is notably larger than the other (older) counterparts.  Clearly luxury vehicles get right of way!


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