MOC Modular Update

It’s been a while since I took a closer look at my own creation – a half sized modular, roughly equivalent to the townhouse in the Creator Pet Store modular building.

As my two boys like to generally destroy the MOC almost on a daily basis, it has undergone many iterations of design.


What you see here is the latest update.  I’ve reversed the top level so that the balcony looks out over the front, and taken the roof off and positioned it on a slight inwards angle over the rear of the top level, facing out.


As a consequence of flipping the top level, I had to rearrange the internal staircase, by moving it from the front of the middle level to the back (inside).  This is a much better design, and will allow for more space when it comes time to furnish the interior.


The rear staircase remains intact, and the ground floor is essentially the same as when I first constructed it.  The interior is still empty, I’m still deciding what it shall be.


As per the majority of official modulars released to date, each level easily is removed to reveal the interior.  I’ve retained logical access from one level to another via the use of the single part stairs. 


The colour matching has gotten a little easier by pillaging the boys’ spare parts although I subsidize their collection whenever I borrow parts, so they don’t lose out.  It’s coming along nicely, although the roof still needs some attention.

Stay tuned for more reviews coming soon.

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