75902 – The Mystery Machine

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Here we have one of the latest licensed theme to be given the Lego treatment.  This time around it is a Lego imagining of a rendition of the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon, Scooby Doo.  There’s a few different sets in this theme, but the most iconic has to be the Mystery Machine which transported the faithful group of teens and their Scooby-snack munching dog around the place solving mysteries.

Speaking of the show’s namesake, here he is in Lego form:


The build.

So onto the build.  Lots of stickers in this one, and the majority are tricky and to be placed on the outside of the vehicle.  This build requires a lot of time and patience to ensure the stickers align properly.  The Mystery Machine itself is fairly straightforward, It is a fairly large vehicle.  The stickers come once you start to build the exterior of the Mystery Machine.

IMG_5174  IMG_5175

There’s a little extra at the end which builds a “haunted” tree and contains a zombie style character.

IMG_5176  IMG_5177

The finale.

The psychedelic-like green and blue gives the Mystery Wagon a look very close to the original from the cartoons:

Mystery-Machine3 IMG_5181e

Here’s all the Minifigures, the Mystery Wagon and the haunted tree:


IMG_5182  IMG_5183

The wagon opens up to show a bit of a command centre type arrangement.  There’s some nifty details, including stickers showing notes from crime solving, as well as a small sink and some snacks.  If you were a fan of the cartoon, this is a worthy addition.

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