75112 – General Grievous


Grievous was one of the most badass bad guys in the Star Wars saga to date.  Now, Lego brings him to life in a purely menacing form.  This figure is part of a new line of buildable figures using fit-for-purpose parts.  This is a bit of a departure from traditional Lego tenets, the parts are not interchangeable with standard Lego (as far as I can tell).  However, the results are quite spectacular.


The build is tricky if you don’t pay close attention to each shape.  Some parts look quite similar, and are easily placed in the wrong place.


The body is quite poseable, so it’s important to orientate the body according to the instructions as you build.

The finale.

The result is quite startling.  The figure is amazingly detailed and quite scary looking.  It’s actually been relegated to the safety of the garage.



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