Modulars July 2015

It’s been a while since I put together some photos of the ever expanding Lego city atop my massive bookcases, so it’s time for an update.

This time around, I used my macro lens to get some up close “slice of life” style shots.

Residents of Bricksberra


First off we have Jenny, the enigmatic owner/operator of Jenny’s Fresh Greens.  She’s always on top of the chores, keeping her establishment clean and bright and airy.


Next, Sid and his band hit it off whilst waiting for the bus.  They are pioneering the first Glam Rock/Punk hybrid on the sidewalks of Bricksberra.


Larry, real name Enrico (borrowing Larry’s name tag since he lost his own) is having a busy day at the very popular Cafe Corner.  He concentrates hard to ensure the tasty coffee reaches its customer with no spills!


The “Where’s My Pants?” guy from The Lego Movie moonlights in an upscale Bricksberra department store, a magnet for all the big stars and yuppie trendsetters.


It’s a lonely day advertising on the pavement for Pet Store spruiker, Bill.


Will Daphne accept Phil’s proposal?  Tune in for the next update to find out!

In and around Bricksberra

IMG_2286_Medium  IMG_2287_Medium

At the edge of the CBD sits the fine dining establishment Chez Albert, which is drawing a small but affluent niche crowd.  Hans Dietrich sits quietly, considering his pretzel whilst waiting for the next bus to arrive.  Next door, at the local pool hall, the locals are getting rowdy waiting for delivery of their pizza, whilst the girls carve up the pavement on skates and skateboard.

IMG_2288_Medium  IMG_2289_Medium

Further along, the local firehouse crew have a chat whilst preparing for their shift.  Next door the townhouse is getting an interior makeover, there’s tradies everywhere – including a notable face from a popular movie.


Finally, on the corner, cafe owner George takes out the trash while some local musos relax on the bench listening to some tunes.

That is one side of downtown…


What about the other side?


Yuppies are naturally attracted to the latest fashions, as local Kim window shops with her pet pooch and updates her Facebook status.

P7097888_Medium  P7107910_Medium

At the town hall, a wedding has finished and the newly wedded couple pose for their photos with their judge looking on. 

Next door business is a bit slow for the local Pet Shop, owner Rick decides to pop out for a quick bit of exercise on his bike while his sale associates look on, dressed appropriately.

It’s never a dull day, and on the corner a big movie star has arrived for a film premiere.  There’s paparazzi on hand, onlookers and a Police officer to maintain order.

That’s it for downtown

P7107921_Medium  P7107916_Medium

Tune in for another update.. later in the year..

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