75060 – UCS Slave I


Blasting its way out of Bespin, look out for Boba Fett’s Slave I – now in Ultimate Collector’s Edition (UCS) scale!

One of the most celebrated starships and a huge fan favourite in the Star Wars universe finally has a UCS rendering after many different revisions in the smaller scale.  This version is huge, so much so that it is actually minifigure scale, and dwarfs previous incarnations of the infamous bounty hunter’s vessel.  Let’s get into the details..

This well appointed set comes with a Boba Fett, a Han (pre or post-carbonite?), a Han Solo in carbonite (as per modern versions of this set), a Bespin guard and a Stormtrooper.

The Build


Decent sized box reveals instructions (neatly bound) and our usual assortment of numbered baggies, making the build process a whole lot faster than traditional UCS sets.  The cockpit screen is custom for this set, and is loose in the box. 

There are……… stickers.. but thankfully none that are too tricky.  The build begins with the case of the craft, establishing the bottom and eventually part of the outer hull.



Little by little, the base takes shape, punctuated by Technic elements which help the frame stay together. 

There’s not too much trouble in the early stages, even the cross brace pieces are fairly easy to deal with.  The engines fit in neatly, assuming you have everything aligned correctly as you go.


The next logical stage is the start of the Technic inner hull, which provides the model with a lightweight frame on which to build.

The genius of the design here establishes the correct angles for the outer hull plating, which runs eventually at an obtuse angle the the base hull.  The final touches are on establishing the navigation arms which are articulated independently of the main body.  There be stickers here!


As the finishing touches are applied to the cockpit, and to the remainder of the outer hull, some nifty hidden weapons are stashed away, and the pilot’s seat is able to be moved to align Boba in flight mode or docking mode, although unlike previous kits this articulation is independent to the navigation wings.


Finally we mount the cockpit screen and apply the blasters to the rear of the top.  The last stages are to build and mount the side hull on both sides which requires some finesse as they clip on. 

It gets a little unmanageable to apply pressure at times as this is a big and heavy model.

The last stage is to build the display stand, which allows Slave I to appear to be flying.  There are small clear round studs affixed to the base to allow the spaceship to appear to “hover” when placed in landing mode.

The Finale

What a beauty!

IMG_1914_Medium IMG_1915_Medium

The stand miraculously holds all the weight of the completed model, and also exposes some of the finer details in this well crafted kit.

IMG_1920_Medium IMG_1916_Medium IMG_1921_Medium

The tail section has a trunk section to store Han Solo in carbonite (which neatly closes just as depicted in the film), there are hidden weapons which fold out from the hull, and there’s plenty of controls and space for Boba’s weapons in the cockpit.

IMG_1922_Medium IMG_1918_Medium IMG_1925_Medium 

Boba has a command view when flying, and the massive blaster cannons at the base are more menacing than in previous builds.

What a brilliant tribute to a hugely popular Star Wars ship.  Now if only they’d attempt an AT-AT…

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