70413 The Brick Bounty


Ahoy, mateys!  This year, the Lego Company have re-floated a classic – a vision from my childhood – the Brick Bounty
This one appears modelled heavily after the original pirate ship from the late 1980s, set 6285 the Black Seas Barracuda, with a number of noticeable differences.

The kit comes in a decent sized box, with a standard instruction book and a range of numbered baggies and the ship base.  The build begins by establishing the fat hull of the ship, which is assembled in sections.  There’s a nice selection of minifigures in this set, from the burly Captain, the first mate a lookout (perhaps) and a collection of soldiers presumably of the colonial variety, who are afloat with just a single rowboat.  Unfortunately there’s no monkey in this set, unlike the original.

IMG_1134_Small  IMG_1137_Small

The initial steps build the hull from the middle out, an then the build turns upwards to face the decks and the Captain’s quarters.

IMG_1141_Small  IMG_1139_Small

The most interesting part of the main deck are the sloping windows of the Captain’s cabin, which creates a very realistic looking silhouette.  There’s plenty of features within the ship, from the Captain’s accessories to the gun placements, and to the top deck, which is removable to access the Captain’s quarters below.


One of my favourite features is the skeleton at the bow of the ship.  A great touch!

The Completed Build

The two main masts are a lot taller than the pictures really depict – there’s a lot of detail to appreciate, from the crow’s nest high above the main deck, to the retractable gun turrets and even the accessories – the shark and the row boat featuring some of the King’s soldiers.

IMG_1149_Small IMG_1151_Small


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