10242 Mini Cooper


Earlier this year, I completed the Creator Mini Cooper.  This is the second in a line of Creator highly detailed models, the first one being the highly popular VM camper van.

The box is a slightly irregular square shape, which honestly makes it a little interesting for storage.  The box contains the standard numbered baggies, instruction books and.. a sticker sheet.

One of the best features – I did not expect this – is that there are a range of number plates to choose from.  One of which is Australian plates, how appropriate!

IMG_1227_Small  IMG_1229_Small

The build is bottom up, so essentially you start with the base and build outwards and then upwards. 

There’s some opportunity for parallel building, particularly the seats.

IMG_1231_Small  IMG_1235_Small

IMG_1232_Small  IMG_1236_Small

There are some advanced techniques at play here, particularly around the cabin and the rear of the vehicle.

Completed Build

The photos do all the talking…

IMG_1238_Small IMG_1239_Small IMG_1240_Small

IMG_1243_Small IMG_1246_Small IMG_1242_Small

Brilliant detail, scale.. an enjoyable build for fans of Lego and of Mini Coopers!

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