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Back in mid-January the 2015 edition modular arrived from the Lego Shop.  It wasn’t too long before I cleared my schedule and began a build session.  This year’s kit is a detective agency in the 1930s style, with a billiard hall and barber’s shop on the ground floor.  I’m glad that The Lego Group went with this design instead of a police station, as Lego already has many, many compelling Lego City police stations.

This is the first official Creator modular to feature an alleyway, which means your Minifigures can now get access to areas behind the buildings, if you align the buildings in a “city block” (despite the absence of a 4th corner block).  Let’s get into the build:

Ground Floor

The ground floor features a lot of detail and – as per normal – a great deal of tile work.  The billiard hall is the first part of the floor to be constructed, and contains some interesting details – particularly printed parts such as a dart board and printed windows.

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The room is fairly vanilla, and doesn’t take too long to complete.  Once finished, we move across to the barber’s shop.  This is the first set to ever feature an actual mirror pane which is carefully supported in place on the wall.

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There are yet more interesting features on the left hand side of the block, including what I would guess are wigs on display in the front windows!  The only complaint I have is that there’s not really any obvious place for the barber (Al) to stand.  We also get a rare female police officer who comes with a hat or hair piece.


Second floor

The next level is slightly less effort  owing to the fact that it doesn’t have any tile work.   It starts off as a fairly easy straight build until you start to build the front windows on the left hand side.  There’s some tricky configuration in the restroom which the instructions aren’t super clear about, but once you finish it all makes sense.

IMG_0117  IMG_0119

The right hand side contains the meat of the set – the detective’s office.  There are so many little neat things in this office, from the old style desk and lamp to the safe containing cash and a cookie and the hidden vault in the wall (containing a letter).  There’s more printed parts, including a nice painting of a ship.

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When it’s all said and done, the second floor adds a lot of character – mainly due to the heavy use of “exposed brick” parts.

IMG_0123  IMG_0124

Third floor

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The last floor is the least exciting one, but does still provide some interesting features.  There’s a small kitchen as well as a large water tower which is constructed using track tread parts.  There’s some neat work on the art deco roof edge.  Finally, once the floor is finished, there’s a little work left on the decorative parts on the ground floor.  We are complete!

IMG_0129 IMG_0131


IMG_0132 IMG_0133

The ground floor has great features that excellent real mirror in the barber’s shop.  The billiard room has a movable ceiling fan and even a trophy on the wall, presumably for the pool championship.  The barber’s shop is mostly accessible by folding back the initial set of stairs.

IMG_0134  IMG_0135

Second floor – a gem of a level, the action’s all inside the detective’s office.  There’s also a ladder which slides down to provide a fire escape exit for the daring detective.  The right hand side is mostly taken up by the stairs, but they did manage to squeeze in a bathroom.

IMG_0136  IMG_0137

Finally, on the top floor there’s the little kitchen which has a small table with some more cookies, plus a little rooftop terrace.

IMG_0138  IMG_0139


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In place…


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