70814 – Emmet’s Construct-o-Mech


Today we’re looking at the construction of set #70814 from the Lego Movie line of kits.


Unboxing provides numbered baggies from #1 – #5 and a set of instructions.  What’s noticeably different is that the instructions are wrapped in plastic and lack the more recent cardboard backing.

Getting straight into the build, the first part is the main torso (bag #1) and also includes Emmet, two skeleton robots and an angry Unikitty.  If you’ve seen the movie this will all make sense.



The torso build is as straightforward as it gets, there’s the inclusion of yet another uniquely printed part (pictured) which unlocks something in the new Minifigure Online Game.


Now, in bag #2, we start to build up more of the upper torso and the command area which Emmet sits in.  What annoyed me the most was that the instructions failed to mention that the build was identical for left and right, until after the completion of one side (see picture).  It would be incredibly handy if Lego could indicate a potential parallel build at the beginning, not at the end!



As we start on bag #3, the focus is on building the Mech’s right and left legs, which sport very cool bulldozer treads, and is quite posable.  Bag number #4 adds to the Mech a right and left arm, each comprised of heavy industrial features such as the roller from a steam roller and shovels from a tractor.  There’s an elastic band which allows the shovels to nit together to form some grip.


Finally we are at bag #5 which finishes the kit with the shoulder mounted wrecking balls.  All-in-all this was an entertaining build which took about 2 hours to complete.  The final model is actually quite impressive, and looks like it sprung right out of the movie.


I’m left with just a handful of surplus parts, including an extra épée which is nice. 


Finally, the instructions have a bit more info on the unique numbered part and a nice marketing shot of Benny’s Spaceship which has previously been reviewed here.


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