76012 – Batman: The Riddler Chase


Super Heroes – Batman

The last of my June reviews – a smaller kit containing Batman, The Flash and The Riddler.

The box contains two instruction books, a comic, a sticker set and three numbered baggies.


The first bag set estabishes The Riddler’s hot rod, which is a fairly standard build.  The only interesting feature here are the bags loaded with cash which are attached to the rear of the vehicle.  The rest of bag #1 begins the structure of Batman’s ride.  We also get The RIddler and The Flash in this first bag.


The second bag contains Batman as well as Batman’s vehicle’s cockpit and the tail section, as you can see from the pictures below.  The cockpit is large enough to house Batman without cramping his cape, and the tail section rotates upwards to expose flick missiles.


The last bag contains the wheels and the side trim, and completes Batman’s vehicle.


The Finale

It doesn’t take too long before we have both the Riddler’s and Batman’s vehicles assembled.  This is a pretty straightforward build and, as the box suggests, would be appropriate for the 6 to 12 years age bracket.  Batman’s car is actually quite decent, with good potential playability.

At the end of the day, the Minifigures would be the best reason to pick up this set.  The Riddler is an intricate figure and the Flash has a unique helmet, plus you can never have enough copies of Batman!


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