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IMG_9795_SmallAs unsurprising as this is going to seem, I’ve been a huge Ghostbusters fan since I first saw the film in the mid-eighties.  It’s possibly my favourite film of all time, and I seem to know each line in the film by heart.  As an obvious adult fan of Lego, combining the two into an official Lego set is practically a dream come true.

This set, #21108 is the first Lego Ideas (formerly Lego Cuusoo) set for 2014 and the seventh set to be produced to date.  It was released earlier this month and my set arrived today along with another set which I hope to build this weekend.

The box is quite intriguing, it doesn’t have the same form factor as other Lego boxes, and opens via a flap on the bottom edge of the box.  The styling clearly indicates this is a special set, and the new Lego Ideas logo adorns the lower left hand side of the box.  I like the consistency in colours on the box, matching those used in the set itself.


Box shots

IMG_9798_Small IMG_9797_Small

IMG_9800_Small IMG_9799_Small

Upon opening the box, aside from the usual baggies of Lego parts, is a nicely bound – thick – instruction book.  This one is so well made, you don’t need a cardboard insert, it’s like a little paperback novel – perhaps even sturdier.  The instructions open with details about the original movie before getting into build steps.

As usual, I open all the bags and don’t sort the parts..

As is quite standard, we start by assembling the Minifigures first, and this time attention to detail is important, as each minifigure is unique (except for the feet).  Hair, heads and torsos are all different for each individual Ghostbuster, and the instructions clearly indicate what goes where.


The instructions are peppered throughout with quotes from the movie – quite a nice touch:


The instructions are a tad tough to follow at times when it comes to colouring.  Again, the distinction between dark grey, silver and black can be hard to distinguish.  Although I didn’t make any mistakes, the small flat round button parts are widely used, and some colours are used sparingly, so it is very important to be mindful of the exact colour in use.

The first build produces this excellent platform – complete with Ghostbusters logo – so that you can display the four Minifigures:


Next step: ECTO-1

At first I thought this was going to be a quick and easy build, since the car doesn’t look terribly advanced.  Don’t be fooled, this is an intricate build, with some fascinating features.  This car has a great attention to scale.. why can’t they all be this well designed and thought out?


Slowly but surely, the car takes shape.  Even as we near the finish line, there’s still intricate detail in the roof and around the bonnet and sides.


But before long.. we’re finished.


Final Look


Here we have the final outcome, ECTO-1 with our four famous heroes and proton packs on their backs.  In the instruction manual, at the end, there’s information about the set creator and profiles of the Lego designers who converted the concept into the set we have today.


Next review will be……



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