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Meet the whole gang!

2014 has been a monumental year for the Lego Group, with the release of the first set and individual minifigures from a brand new licensed Simpsons(tm) theme.  The first in this theme – the Simpsons house – was released at the start of February (pre orders available to MVPs in January) and comprised of the family of five Simpsons (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie) plus Ned Flanders.

Having already reviewed the first set earlier, let’s take a look at the mystery Simpsons Minifigures and compare them to the ones found in the set released earlier.

The Simpsons (and Ned)

First we take a look at Homer, Marge and Bart.  The most noticeable difference for my mind is the expression on each figure’s face – the set based figures (photographed on the left hand side) look quite unhappy compared to their individual minifigure counterpart.

There are some obvious differences with the adults, but the children are mostly identical, except for their expressions and accessories.

IMG_9705_Medium IMG_9706_Medium IMG_9707_Medium

Lisa, Maggie and Ned Flanders also feature in the individual collectable edition, and mostly differ by facial expression and accessories, except Ned who has a different torso design.

IMG_9708_Medium IMG_9709_Medium IMG_9710_Medium

The Rest

The other Minifigures are all unique, not having been released in the first set.  We have Chief Wiggum and Mr. Burns (with a three eyed fish), Ralph Wiggum with Milhaus and Nelson – I’ve included a side shot of their respective props.

IMG_9715_Medium IMG_9711_Medium IMG_9712_Medium

Next up, The Krusty the Clown show, featuring Itchy, Scratchy and Krusty himself with a pie at the ready.  Lastly, Abe (Grandpa) Simpson with his newspaper and Apu with a slushie (which looks like a take away coffee cup).

IMG_9713_Medium IMG_9714_Medium

The children were particularly hard to find in the mystery bags, Milhaus and Ralph in particular since they featured the same accessory, legs and torso – the only difference being the heads.


My favourites are Mr. Burns (with great accessories) and Apu, although there’s charm in each figure.

This is likely to be a highly collectible set of Minifigures given the reach of Simpsons toys with collectors.  If you like the Minifigures and have the budget for it, the Simpsons house is an incredible set and worth picking up before it goes out of print.

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