60061 – Airport Fire Truck


This evening I received set 60061, an Airport Fire Truck from the Lego City series.  The box contains several baggies, two instruction booklets and a separate fire hose & reel, plus a slim set of stickers.  The bags are numbered 1-3, and there were three in total.

I really like the “double” sized vehicles (like the XXL Crane) and pretty much anything with 6-8 tires or more.


The first bags establish the two fire fighters (including a female fire fighter), along with the beginnings of the base of the truck.

IMG_8324_Small IMG_8329_Small

The second bag contains parts which make up the main bulk of the cabin, engine bay and most of the roof of the truck.


The final set (bag 3) adds windows, wheels and the external fire hose (on the roof). 

Final Build

IMG_8331_Small IMG_8334_Small

It doesn’t take too long to assemble the truck, and the build itself is fairly straightforward.  There’s some nifty features, including a basket of tools (stored behind the cabin) and some tools for the firefighters to use when needed (on the rear of the truck).  I had a small amount of excess parts at the end of the build, but nothing too excessive.

Nice build, good features make it a great inclusion with any City firefighting endeavour.

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