10243 – Parisian Restaurant


On Friday the new Parisian Restaurant set arrived, and I didn’t wait very long to get stuck into assembling it.  Let’s jump right in.

Box shots – the box seemed a little smaller than the previous Creator modulars, but I guess there’s negligible difference.  Inside the box were instructions (with cardboard backing), a loose board and a number of packets numbered between 1 and 4.


Unpacking the base plate and the first packets numbered #1, began the process of establishing the ground floor of the restaurant.  Inside the initial batch were three minifigures, and a very nice new piece – a golden ring!


Although you probably won’t see it when the set is complete, the word ‘CHEZ’ is spelled out with small tiles out the front of the building (above).  Packets #1 and #2 build essentially the entire ground floor.


There are some nice parts for the kitchen including a turkey(?) as well as a pie and a number of utensils.  The waiter and cook are added in packages #2 and the outer wall and stairs are completed.  There is a lot of detail on the floor and inside the building itself, and it is even accompanied by a dumpster at the rear of the building.

Book 2 establishes the second floor, and packages #3 establish the apartment on the first floor.  There are additional tables for the restaurant as well as amenities for the single studio apartment (although no bathroom!).


Once the first floor is complete, the top level turns out to be an artist’s studio, complete with easel and a painting.  The top level includes a number of advanced building techniques, as well as some art deco.



Finally, the top floor doesn’t have a traditional removable roof, it flips down to reveal the inside of the studio.

Our final shots show the completed set (front and back):


..and here it is in situ with some of my older modulars.



This was a fun build, coming in at just under 8 hours to complete (in three sessions).  By far the most productive was the first session, of around 6 hours (completing packets #1-#3).

This set is slightly shorter than some of the older sets, but it is set apart by the sheer detail, particularly within the restaurant itself.  This is a great addition to any modular collection, and I’ll continue to add these new sets as the come out.

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  1. Bartek

    The only downside to this set is that the upstairs outside dining area becomes quite dark and dingy when you attach another building on that side


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