Custom Inverse Corner Modular Building MKII

With the release earlier this year of the latest in the Creator series of modular buildings, the Lego Group gave us a third corner block – the Palace Cinema.  This new corner block adds to the Cafe Corner and Grand Emporium and creates the potential for a full city block.

However, if you are like me, and tend to display the modular buildings to face forward (i.e. against a wall) then a full block isn’t terribly practical.  How do you get your modular buildings all facing forward when you have more than two corner blocks?

The answer is simple – design an inverse corner building.  The idea is pretty straightforward, the aim is to use modular building sized dimensions, but have two other modular blocks join on an acute angle, as depicted below:

image    Inverse Corner

In the above photo, you can see the first revision (MKI), the current build (and subject of this article) represents the second revision (MKII), but the internals are still mostly devoid of features. 

The front of the building is quite small, and I’ve included an alleyway so that access to the rear of the block is possible.  Only Market Street has this capability at the moment.

Building Front Building Front Close

The tricky part was aligning the doorway on a diagonal, which required one of those 360’ circular parts.  The result looks quite nice.

Turning to the “rear” of the property, we feature a staircase on the outside leading up to presumably a two storey apartment, with a restaurant on the ground floor (in white).  There’s a balcony framing the first floor, overlooking the exposed outdoor eating area.

Side of Building Rear of Building

In the spirit of removable floors, the top two floors can come off cleanly, but I was unsure what to do with the balcony.  Keeping with the tradition of all things easily removed, it too is able to be removed easily:

Ground Floor Ground Floor no balcony

As you can see, the interiors are all empty, however the roof top features a garden terrace with a table and umbrella, plus roof top access via a staircase and yellow door.

No interior Rooftop

The front decoration features a downward pipe, and also splits with the levels, as shown below.


This is still a work in progress, but I thought it was ready for an initial early article, as I’ve seen very few inverse corner modular buildings.


  1. Tony

    You’re completely right. I am building with my kid some time of city scene and we’re missing inverted corner buildings. We are designing a U shape Street and would nees something like that..

    1. Rob (Post author)

      Absolutely! I was trying to have two corners come forward from a row of buildings (like this: —[___]—), but lacking an inverted corner made it impossible to nit the buildings into place.


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