10233 – Horizon Express


This time around, we’re reviewing the latest train in the Creator series: Horizon Express.

Following in the footsteps of the Emerald Night, this is the latest in a long line of more advanced builds aimed at mature builders (aged 14+), but realistically really targeted at adult fans of Lego (AFOLs) who can afford the larger kits.

This is an outstanding rendition of the bold 1980s TGV train from France, as you can see by comparing the box shot (above) to this photo of a real TGV, below:


What’s in the Box?

We begin with instructions (3) in a plastic bag backed with cardboard, a set of stickers, some standalone parts (tubing and connectors) plus various sized parts bags split by numbers (#1-#3).  As you would expect, bags #1 are the locomotive (engine train), bags #2 and #3 are for a carriage each.

IMG_5860 IMG_5862

The engine is built first, and is a fairly steady build.  Emphasis is in the details – particularly the arrows on either side of the rear of the engine (where the TGV logo is on original trains).  Note this is built from parts, not from stickers.

IMG_5865 IMG_5874

It’s a pretty straightforward build, the interesting parts are at the front of the engine, where the undercarriage slots underneath quite neatly.  There’s plenty of room for Power Functions components which are sold separately.


The carriages contain some interesting concepts such as a bar and a room with sliding door.  The intricate part of the build are the carriage windows which are aligned horizontally, and (according to build order) are attached to the roof at the end.

The Finished Product

All in all, a very fine looking passenger train, striking in colour as well as in design.  The engine, I think, is by far the most interesting part, although the nose is a little too ‘blocky’.

You get six minifigures with this set, one of the female minifigures’ torso has recently been distributed as part of the Palace Theatre.

IMG_5881 IMG_5884

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