10240 – UCS Red Five X-wing Starfighter


Earlier this month, in fact on May the fourth™, I put in an order for UCS set #10240 – Luke Skywalker’s X-wing.  This set, as opposed to the original, non-specific X-wing released in the year 2000, has a number of structural improvements and details which the original did not.

Unfortunately, I declined to pick up one of the originals when I had the chance – a decision I sometimes regret.  Well, thankfully the Lego Group decided to issue a redesign (of sorts) to the benefit of the many fans who missed out originally.

So a few weeks ago my shipment arrived.  I picked up the promotional inclusions as well (a poster of Yoda, and a bonus Han Solo minifig in Hoth gear).  The box contained numbered baggies plus instructions and some sticker sheets backed by cardboard.

Once ready, I began the build.  The initial concentration is on the fuselage and the technic components at the rear which allow the X-foils to be lowered and raised.  It’s a fair challenge, but nothing strenuous – especially if you’ve built the UCS Imperial Shuttle.


IMG_5590 IMG_5592

The mechanics use some standard parts mixed with some spring loaded arms.  It becomes a lot more apparent how the wings will operate as you get further into the build.  The base frame is a fairly quick build, especially given the parts are neatly partitioned into those handy bags.



Once the main body is complete, bag #4 begins the cockpit and nose of the fighter.  Again, this is a fairly straightforward build, the most interesting part being the build around the nose of the fighter, such a visual improvement over the original model. 

The trickiest part of the build BY FAR is applying the stickers to the cockpit itself.  This is incredibly tricky as you need to be exceptionally careful not to have bubbles get underneath the sticker.  The sticker is also extremely sticky, meaning that if you mess up and have to peel back, a lot of the adhesive remains on the part and it starts to go opaque when you re-apply.


Lego must have anticipated this, and included a second sticker set.  I’ve left mine as-is for now, but I highly recommend following the instructions as closely as possible.  Once you’ve gotten this far, the rest is only a few hours away from completion.


The wings can be built in parallel, which really expedites things.  Opposite wings are built in parallel, with the engines added second.


Finally, once all four wings are in place – which appears a little fragile at first – the last part is to build the lasers.  Again, these can be built in parallel, and is fairly trivial.


Final Model

Finally, we end up with the finished X-wing.  It’s a beauty.



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