Site Migration Complete

Hello Everyone,

Well, it’s been a bit of a crazy month.  Late last month our old home on a, quite frankly, antiquated virtual server came to an end.  I’d backed up all the sites in late March as I’d been in negotiations with the hosting provider over a new hosting arrangement.

Over the course of a full week, all sites were offline.  At the very start of May, I managed to return a couple of key sites to a working state, however this site (and others) remained offline.

During the past weekend, I finally found time to restore this – and other – sites.  This time around, the site has been converted to WordPress from the previous  BlogEngine, whilst very dependable and fast, has a nasty habit of loading all posts into memory, which is a real drag for the virtual server.

Anyhow..  The good news is that Lego Republic is back.  I’ve also fixed a nasty pagination issue which affected search results, it prevented you from paging past the first page of search results!


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