10232 – Palace Cinema



Yesterday I completed the latest in the line of modular building sets, set #10232 – the Palace Cinema.

This is the first time one of the modular buildings has been branded in the “Creator” series, as you can see proudly emblazoned on the box.

The kit contains 2196 parts and is the third corner block building in the series to date. 

This design appears to be a response to community interest in having a cinema themed building, I’ve seen variations extending upon the cinema from the Town Plan kit (mine included).

What’s in the box?


Out of the box we have the usual parts in plastic bags, numbered #1-#3 plus the instruction booklets (backed by cardboard), one red base plate (apparently unique to this set) and some larger plates.  The instructions include a set of stickers (d’oh), although there are some printed parts (yay!) included.

Stage #1

Upon opening the first set of baggies (#1) a couple of things jumped out at me:


Included is a green brick separator (I’ve only seen orange coloured ones, previously) and the 2×2 flat tile plate has printed gold & red “stars”, which is a nice touch as I’d hate to have to apply these manually as stickers.

As you’d expect, the first booklet & baggies build upon the base plate.  This establishes four minifigs, the stretch limo, the tiled footpath and the first level of the building.  This is the slowest stage to build, as you are often looking for a mix of small parts, especially when building the limo.


Generally, there’s not too much out of norm in this part of the build.  As always, I find applying the stickers to be a bit tricky, especially on the window parts, because you need to apply stickers to both sides of the glass. 

The staircase is interesting, and the pattern has been established since the townhouse in the Pet Shop set.  The first floor is quite deep, although the interior is a little sparse for my liking.  The ticket counter (facing outside the building) is a nice touch, as are the detailed doors which open outwards.

Stage 1 Complete

Stage #2



The second booklet builds the first floor which is the main cinema area, and two more minifigures (to bring the total to 6).  As this is an “old time” cinema, the projectionist sits on an elevated platform behind and above the audience.  Unlike the Town Plan cinema, the seats are custom built from parts.

The cinema screen is a larger version of the Town Plan cinema, with gold highlights.  The external walls contain 1×2 parts which look like they’ve come from a castle theme.  The corner windowed wall is held in place through a combination of a slotted vertical fit (locked in place by facade parts, and is a nice build touch.

                                                                Stage 2 Complete

Stage #3



The last booklet establishes the roof and the main billboard area above the entrance, plus the floodlights and barriers for the sidewalk.  The main time consuming part of this stage is building the roof “tiles”, which are actually 1×1 cylinder parts in red and dark brown.  These are built in rows and then angled back over the edge of the roof.

Once the roof is finished, which includes an Asian themed shield and some sais, we move on to the final part of the build – the billboard/signage.  This is in a nice blue colour and the main attraction must be the 3D “Palace” sign, which is built from parts.


Completing the Set

Once you’ve finished the billboard and attached it to the arms which stick out from the ground floor, all that remains are the floodlights and the barriers.  The completed set looks like this:

The Completed Set




The window trim is a bit tricky and the instruction booklet doesn’t give a lot of advice on how to establish it properly, so I’m going to give a tip here.  Make sure that each bit of black piping is aligned as far to the left or the right as possible, even if this results in only part of the piece sitting in the little black clips.  If you don’t allow for the part to be touching the wall to the left or right, there won’t be enough room for the piping in the middle.

The set in context

This is a lovely visual set, and it fits in nicely with the other modulars. 





There’s only two modular kits I don’t have presently – the Fire Brigade/Fire Station and the Market Street kit.  I was never a big fan of the Market Street kit, but I would like to add the Fire Station at some point.

Regarding the Palace Cinema – a nice build, it took about four hours (max) to complete in three sessions.  The first stage took about an hour and a half, and the other two sessions about an hour and a bit.

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