10218 – Pet Shop



Over the weekend, I put together Creator series kit #10218 the Pet Shop kit.  This set in the Creator modular buildings series comprises two half blocks (which can be divided in two), one side is a nice townhouse (in red/brown) and the other is part townhouse (the upper levels – blue and yellow) and part pet shop.

The set was built over three separate build sessions, the first session established the ground floor of the brown and red townhouse.

The second session completed the townhouse and the first level of the Pet Shop, with the third and final build session completing the two remaining floors of the Pet Shop block.

Unpacking the kit, it has a series of bags numbered 1-4 and instruction books (2) supported by the now common cardboard backing, plus two base plates and a separate bag of large flat parts.

The build is fairly straightforward, with a few interesting building techniques including spiral staircases, a downwards facing light fitting, a basement and a some new facades.



The entire build took between 6-8 hours over the three sessions, and the only mistake made was right at the end with some misuse of dark brown verses dark red coloured 1×1, easily rectified.

The Pet shop features a fishtank, dog, cat and rat, two parrots and a frog; plus a wash tub and crate at the rear of the shop. 

The brown townhouse is a little Spartan, containing a toilet, phone, table with flowers and a vegetable garden on the top floor.

The townhouse (blue and yellow) above the Pet Shop contains a bit more detail, including a bed, a mini kitchen, a fireplace and a chair/table.

What’s remaining?  All I’m missing is the Cinema and the Fire Station..



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