10220 – Volkswagen T1 Camper Van



For Christmas in 2012, I received this wonderful Volkswagen Camper Van which was released earlier in the year.

I’ve actually two kits for assembly at the moment, but I decided this one would be the first cab off the rank – so stay tuned for notes on the London Tower Bridge a little later on.

Weighing in at 1332 parts, this kit isn’t an easy build, nor is it impossible.  It’ll give the novice, intermediate and  experienced builder something different each to muse about (especially some of the details – keep reading).

I managed to put this together in one evening (about 5 hours) including time to pre-sort the parts up front (which I rarely do).

None of the bags are numbered so the best approach is to group colours and sizes together to improve the time it takes to track down the parts you need.

The instructions come in two booklets, in a plastic bag backed with cardboard which seems to be the norm now (and thankfully!).

Here are some photos of the initial build:



It’ll come as no surprise that you start with the base of the vehicle, working from rear to front and building up from there.  It’s a little hard to see later on, but the floor of the VW has a black and white tile pattern, and incorporates a number of nifty features including a fold down bed/chair.

There are some nice touches, like a lava lamp; a brush, frypan and a faucet/tap part which I’ve not seen before.  The doors are built to slide easily out and are flush with the rest of the kit.  There’s even an engine bay in the rear of the vehicle which has a fan belt.

The first book finishes at about the window sill level and is a fairly solid building experience.

Part 2

Stage two (book two) introduces much of the top part of the kit, including the windows, front grille and the entire roof.



Again, few surprises in the lead up to the detachable roof..  Some of the internals are built out and completed – as well as the application (boo hiss) of a number of stickers.  There’s an interesting shiny sticker which is used for an internal mirror.

The canvas curtains are a nice touch (as opposed to stickers) although I think the real highlight is the canopy which opens up on the roof – what a brilliant touch – and it looks awesome.

The Finale

Now we are looking at the big finale – once the wheels are placed on, and some small parts over the top of the rear wheel arches and we’re complete.  Boy, isn’t it a beauty?





Passing notes

There were few parts of the build that were tricky – as the kit is a fairly solid build.  The front part of the roof lacks a bit of support around the edges and can be a little brittle.  The doors get a little tricky at times especially during the build as they tend to fly open as you pick up the kit.

Other than than, a great building experience with good parts distribution.  Not overly fussy (not too many small parts) and some great features makes this an excellent display kit and even has playability potential for the younger ones.  This is certainly though a kit for the more mature builders – children would need to be carefully supervised.


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