6860 –The Batcave


Recently we started to invest in a few of the Lego superhero kits which have been out for a while now.  The latest kit is a second release of the famous Batcave, first released back a few years ago.  The kit contains instructions, 5 bags of Lego and a comic.

This kit features five superhero minifigs – a classic Batman and Robin, Poison Ivy, Bane and the first release of a Bruce Wayne figure (where the first release had an Alfred).

We have two vehicles in the kit, a massive rolling drill for Bane and a Batcycle for Batman.  These are the first two things built out of the first package of blocks.  Bane and Batman are also contained in the first package.

Next, the focus shifts to the holding cell for Poison Ivy (who is included in the second package).

The third and parts of the forth bags build up the part of the Batcave which holds Batman’s accessories and includes Bruce Wayne.  Lastly, the command centre is built up from the fifth and final bag of parts, this includes Robin.

Here’s a photo journey of the build:

IMG_3351 IMG_3352





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