Custom: Modular Building – Town Cinema

About two weeks ago I decided I was unhappy with the DVD Shop custom modular which I’d put together.  It wasn’t bad for a first go, but it lacked consistency.  Armed with renewed determination, I shifted my focus to an existing kit – the 50th anniversary Town Plan (10184).


The cinema in this set looked to me like a perfect start on a modular themed building.  The obvious problems were in how to approach giving it multiple storeys.  I had to slightly extend the original width to fill a “city block” and then completely rebuild the roof.


To really add differences, I inserted some arches across the cinema frontage as well as some dark coloured textured bricks.  The ticket booth out front is gone – moved inside into a more typical ticket counter, with cattlegrids for patrons to line up in.  Near the stairs are some promotional materials for an upcoming film.



The first floor is the main cinema area.  There are five chairs in the cinema style all facing the front of the building.  To the far side (away from the stairs) is a confectionary/candy bar where movie goers can purchase movie snacks.  The room has four main speakers, plus a fifth speaker under the projection screen.  There’s also another staircase to the next floor.



The final floor contains the projection room which looks down over the cinema room.  There is a seat for the projectionist to sit in, and an angled window for the projector to point out of.  There’s also a door adjacent to the one at the top of the stairs which houses a computer rack.  At the end of the projection room is a ladder for roof access.


The roof has few features, there is an opening in the roof which allows access from the ladder on the second floor.  I guess I could have added more to the roof, but I ran out of decent bricks at this point.


For the front of thee building, I built two circular logos which sit off the the left and right side of the main “Cinema” sign.  The main colour theme of the building ended up being light and dark blue, with a decent amount of yellow, white and some mixed greys (with the odd black parts).  The only use of red is on the first level, where I needed blanks to fill out across the main supporting beam.

I purposely tried to keep the colour palette as small as possible, but it was incredibly hard.  I ended up consuming the parts of THREE Creator series kits, plus a 400 brick expansion box and the original Town Plan cinema just to get the thing finished.

Here’s the final building as part of a block of modular buildings.



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