10225 – UCS R2-D2

Today we’re reviewing the recently released Ultimate Collector’s Series R2-D2™ model.  This kit weighs in at 2127 pieces and took approximately six hours to build.  The set comes with three instructions books plus 10 numbered sets of bags.  The numbered bags really make a huge difference as they constrain the number of parts at a time, making sorting and finding the right parts a breeze.

The Build

IMG_1888 IMG_1890
Sorting the packets                                  Initial build

Once you’ve unpacked and sorted, the initial build is the primary chassis (bags #1 and #2).  Bags numbered #3 complete the torso and add the cutting saw and computer interface which pop out of the front of the unit.  There are two small dials on the rear of the unit which can be turned to push the utilities in and out of the chassis.  Bags #4 constitute the internal “plumbing” in essence they provide support for the rotating head section.

IMG_1891 IMG_1893
Second and third numbered packages complete the chassis

The next few bags (#5 to #8) focus on the central (retractable) leg and the two left and right legs, plus the wiring.  The retractable leg uses gears and a level on the back to slide up and down within the chassis.

The retractable leg and side legs

The two main legs can be pulled up and down to enable the model to slide from standing up to on a slight reverse lean.  Adding the two legs to the side of the chassis was probably the hardest part, just keeping the leg steady – especially once the right side had been added.

  IMG_1900 IMG_1901
All legs assembled; model in reclined position

The additional detail on the right and left legs

The final two bags (#9 and #10) complete the rotating head section as well as the information plate and the minifig R2-D2.  This is the first model based UCD kit to include a MiniFig – the previous two kits (Yoda and the bust of Darth Maul) did not come with any minfigs.

 IMG_1904 IMG_1905

The build is pretty easy, although the last few sections utilize a good number of flat 1×1 parts which need to be carefully applied.  There is an obvious pattern, so it shouldn’t take too long to complete.  I managed the head (two stages) in about an hour.

IMG_1908 IMG_1909
The head rotates 360’C

Towards the end, I started building quickly and missed one step with bag #10.  If you find that the rotating head doesn’t sit on top of the chassis properly, you might need to recheck and ensure you didn’t miss a layer of flat bricks.  The head should fit perfectly on top with no gaps between head and chassis.

The Finished Product

Well, it looks smashing.  The model is a bit funny when you go to change the position of the legs, but once you get the mechanics of the movement down pat, there are no issues.  Looks great with the little technical details plaque and minifig.

All-in-all, a good solid build with some advanced building techniques included in the design.  The model is surprisingly sturdy but contains some nifty little features like the deployable chest utilities and especially the retractable leg.  At 11c per part (based on an Australian RRP of AUD $249), it represents fairly decent value for money too (even if Aussies pay more).

IMG_1912 IMG_1913
Standing Position                      Reclined Position

IMG_1914 IMG_1915
Sporting a cutter and interface | Overload!

Minifig View

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