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Over the weekend, I put together my own custom modular building.  Culled from a combination of three different Creator sets (Ferris Wheel – 4957, Seaside House – 7346 and Beach House – 4996).

I’ve been attempting to put together something concrete (for want of a better term) for a while now. but have mainly lacked the appropriate parts – in particular: flat plates required to make up the floor/roof of each level.

What we have here is about 50% proper colouring – the top two floors are thrown together with what I had left.  The ground floor (besides the front) is predominantly yellow (from #4996) and is the basis of a shop selling DVD movies.  There is also a stairway which leads to a two level apartment.

Ground Floor: DVD Shop

The first floor is a balcony and bathroom with a glass door and a staircase to the second floor.  This is the first level of a private apartment, which was originally going to be a restaurant (but I couldn’t factor in a kitchen or enough tables and chairs).  The balcony/terrace looks out from behind the alcove below.

IMG_1685 IMG_1686
First Floor

The bathroom is underneath the stair case and has a door in front, for privacy.  The alcove is from the #4957 Ferris Wheel set.  The majority of bricks used in the first floor come from the recently released Seaside House – #7346 and includes the MiniFig (pictured on the balcony).

The next floor is the main living area of what would essentially be a studio apartment.  It features a kitchen with sink, table and chairs, a single bed, a floor rug and a HiFi system with TV.  There are also a number of decorations on the walls and a ladder which would hypothetically lead up into the loft.

IMG_1687 IMG_1688
Second Floor – Private Apartment

Unfortunately this floor is a mix-n-match of colours as my supply started to dwindle.  The top floor is mostly roof tile, with a diagonal window (again from #4996).  The final result doesn’t look too bad from street view:


The build is a tad shorter than the Cafe Corner (#10182) and the Grocer (#10185) but still, not bad (IMHO) for a first attempt.



What do you think??

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