9516 – Jabba’s Palace

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Released this year is the long awaited revision of Jabba’s Palace.  This was originally released in three separate kits, but lacked some of the cohesion we get with the revision.  This kit introduces some minifigs which were missing in earlier releases, and also introduces a number of redesigns too.  Here are the minifigs in this kit:

A number of awesome MiniFigs – but C3P0 and R2D2 are missing

Numbered Packages

Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos as I was building (sorry), but I do have a series of photos of the completed set.  The set only took an hour or two to build, most of the time was spent sifting through the bricks themselves, but as there is a good mix of large and small bricks, this was no real hassle.

The main base is a fun build, and I’m really glad that Lego did not use a baseplate, but rather created a nice layered base.  This includes a trapdoor (to the Sarlacc pit?), a movable platform which Jabba rests on..  As well as providing a hall with room to display Han Solo in the new “Han in carbonite” mould, which has been released in the last Slave I set.

IMG_1661 IMG_1662

What’s nice about this set is that the roof can be removed for access to the main chamber.  The roof contains a missile of sorts which can be hand launched (reason: unknown), but looks excellent from the front of the building.

Han Solo on display                          Trapdoor action!                                Jabba’s platform moves over the trapdoor

There is some sort of kitchen behind Jabba’s platform and storage for excess food and weapons.  The adjacent tower provides both the front door and a convenient mechanism for holding the door open.  The door is similar to the one found in the earlier set “Jabba’s Message” and features the talking eye (from the movie, Return of the Jedi).  The door can be raised or lowered to admit visitors.


The front of the palace looks really well designed, aesthetically just like in Return of the Jedi.


Lastly, the Han and Leia MiniFigs feature reversible print on their heads so they can reflect different emotions – possibly to recreate the scene where Han is unfrozen from the Carbonite. 

Sad Leia                                                                  Happy Leia


This is a really fun kit.  Although possibly a little on the pricey side, it comes with a range of MiniFigs which we haven’t seen before, and great redesigns of ones we have.  The Gamorrean guard, in particular, has undergone a great facelift.

The kits itself acts as an excellent playset, a very solid build (although the tower has a habit of coming off) and there are excellent extras like food and weapons.  The only thing missing really is the band and Jabba’s entourage.  All in all, a well designed set, highly recommended.

Building Instructions

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