10224–Town Hall (Part 2)

Following on from Town Hall – Part 1, I continued the build this evening.

The next floor contains the office of the Mayor, a reception area, and a secretary’s desk.   This floor was fairly easy to  build, the only tricky parts being across the front of the building, where there are some small parts and some flowers.  It also turns out that my kit was short a part – one of the legs of the Mayor’s desk.  The two bricks used are specific to the desk, so I did not use it elsewhere by accident.

IMG_1637  IMG_1638

The floor exposes the main area on the ground floor, and continues the elevator section as well.  There is a very cute balcony section which has a connecting doorframe.


There are some nice touches here and on the next floor. The second floor is a conference room and features an amazing rotating globe of the Earth.
Throughout the set chairs have been built entirely from parts, instead of using the standard chair mould; most notable on the second floor.


The roof is very interesting.  Besides the stellar clock tower (and the date is very impressive underneath), there is an intriguing use of roller door parts to build the skylights.
The parts are only held by two small flat studs – but it holds perfectly.


Here is a floor-by-floor look at the Town Hall building:

IMG_1655 IMG_1656 IMG_1657

Second Floor                                        First Floor                                             Ground Floor


Elevator goes to the roof                  Rear of the building                          Front of the building

So now that we have a bona fide Town Hall worthy of adding to the collection, how does it look in context?

I’ve added it to a city block consisting of – Cafe Corner, Grocery Store and the Grand Emporium.  Judging by the height of the Town Hall (the tallest by far), it wouldn’t have made sense to put it to the left of the Grocery Store.  Therefore, I opted to seat it next to the Grand Emporium and the Grocery Store. 

You be the judge:

P7257914 P7257924-crop


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