10224 –Town Hall (Part 1)




Last night I cracked open a newly arrived Creator series Town Hall set.  It’s a big box, and contains 2766 parts.  Inside were three instructions books (thoughtfully inside a plastic bag with a cardboard insert to prevent bending) plus a baseplate and many bags, split into numbered portions (1, 2 and 3).



The build was very slow initially as there are many small parts to be located.  Given that the first part contains the majority of bricks used, spreading out and sifting through so many parts occupied 95% of the time use.

There are a number of custom parts which were tricky to find (the lightshade on the desk being one).  As the build progressed, speed picked up – fewer parts to sort through, plus the usage of the longer bricks made for accelerated progress.



By the time I’d hit the top part of the floor, I unfortunately realised that I’d used three white bricks (2 1×1 and 1 2×1) in error in the building’s foundation!  In the end I carefully peeled back the baseplate and accessed the offending parts from the base.

The final floor contains a number of excellent features:

  • Working elevator,
  • Dias/podium and large meeting area,
  • Office with plenty of draws/filing cabinets,
  • Maintenance access hatch to the bottom of the elevator,
  • Detailed pillars and front steps,
  • Heaps of windows and tall walls, making this one of the largest ground floors of any of the modular buildings


All up, it took about three hours to build the first level.  There were numerous breaks during that time and towards the end, locating the odd part that had been used earlier (incorrectly) cost me about 15 mins.

The instructions still fail to really display a clear difference between white and light grey, and sometimes between black and dark grey. 

I’m not sure why the colours can’t be more distinct, or why a small colour key chart couldn’t be printed onto the page to clarify any potential mix-ups.

Anyhow.. Part 2 will cover off the build of the next two floors plus the roof.  Then it’ll all get summarised!

Continued in Part 2

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