Review – Minifigure Display Cases

Released this year, these new display cases are perfect for the MiniFig collector, or for fans who just want to keep their rare or collectible minifigs free from damage.


In true Lego style, the cases can be stacked together – each case has little Lego™ nubs which others can sit upon.  They come in 2×4 (holds 8 MiniFigs) and 2×8 (holds 16 MiniFigs) sizes and a variety of colours.  The cases are also wall mountable, although they are designed for free standing.

Colours we’ve seen include:

  • Black,
  • Yellow,
  • Blue,
  • Red


The clear plastic cover is opened courtesy of a hidden button at the top of the display case.  Each display nook has a 4×6 white Lego™ flat plate which can accommodate most MiniFigs and MiniFig accessories.

For ease of reference, we’ve written the model/kit number from which each MiniFig comes from on a little bit of cut out business card – which slides in underneath the display plate.

Recommended as a travel case or for those who wish to protect their Cloud City Boba Fett!

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