10211 – Grand Emporium


Not long ago, Lego® began creating a new series of high end kits branded the ‘Creator’ series.  A number of these kits belong to the so-called ‘modular series’, to date these include “Cafe Corner”, “Grocery Store” and more.

In 2010, Lego® added the “Grand Emporium” kit to the range.  This is the second “end block” kit to come along, following the highly praised “Cafe Corner”.  The kits come with a range of MiniFigs, and a good portion of parts (in this case over 2,000 pieces).

IMG_1400  IMG_1401

The build is not too tricky, would appeal to a mature builder or younger builder with some experience.  The set comes with several instruction booklets and the build correlates to numbered bags.

The baseplate is the starting point, and contains the usual mosaic approach in completing a “tiled” footpath, complete with pot plant holders and a rotating entrance door.

Once the ground level is complete, the next stackable levels follow a consistent building pattern.  What is unique to this set are the Lego® escalators which link each floor.  Unfortunately, there’s only one set per floor – so I’m not sure how people would go up and down!



On the top of the roof, there’s a billboard, a skylight and a window washer thrown in for good measure.  The chandelier set over the top escalator  is a nice touch and adds some class to the department store.  Possibly the only thing missing are a second set of escalators running in the opposite direction.

Building Instructions:

P7167901 P7167905
1. Roof Top                                                             2. Top Floor (Toy Department)

P7167907 P7167908
3. Second Floor (Homewares)                          4. Ground Floor (Clothes and Jewellery)


The inclusion of rare parts like the golden plates are a nice touch.  The second and top floors are a little sparsely populated compared to the ground floor, but it’s still well done.  The change room on the ground floor is a interesting feature which may have gone overlooked.

The Grand Emporium would make an excellent addition to any modular town block collection.


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