Personal BrickExpo

This year, I was alerted to an annual Lego festival held in Canberra called BrickExpo.  Unfortunately, my plans changed and I was unable to get tickets.

As a bit of a consolation, here are pictures from my own personal BrickExpo.  I’ve not got a lot of room to display fully constructed Lego kits, but I think I do a lot with the space I’ve got.



The first set of pictures is of a series of modular “city block” style buildings.  There are also elements of the 50th anniversary kit, one of which is the theatre which you can see above.  I’ve also the Emerald Night (steam train) sitting at one of the new train stations.

P7167884 P7167881

P7167882 P7167889

The little plastic inhabitants of the town are doing all those things one would do – celebrating a marriage, window shopping, taking out the trash.. or racing for a train..

P7167894 P7167891

P7167893 P7167896

Leaving Lego city behind, the next best stocked set of kits are by far Star Wars Lego kits.  This year Lego released new MiniFig display cases.

As some of the Star Wars MiniFigs can be worth quite a lot (the Cloud City Boba Fett being worth a few hundred dollars), I’ve moved a sample of some into a set of display cases.


Next, my collection of Star Wars Ultimate Collector kits – I have quite a few assembled at the moment.

P7157846 P7157850

In total the following are assembled:

  • Millennium Falcon,
  • Star Destroyer,
  • Super Star Destroyer,
  • Hoth Snowspeeder,
  • TIE Interceptor,
  • Vader’s TIE Advanced x1,
  • AT-ST,
  • Lambda Class Shuttle, and the
  • Y-Wing Fighter

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