10179 – UCS Millennium Falcon

Around Easter, 2008, I started to build the monster Lego Ultimate Collector’s Edition Millennium Falcon kit.  The set, comprised of over 5,000 parts took nearly two days of solid effort to construct.  There were no shortcuts as each section was unique in construction.

Construction began around 2:30pm on Easter Sunday, and the day’s work was only interrupted for a swim in the pool and to make dinner.  I finished up at approximately 1:30am.   I’d say that I’m at about the 65% mark (perhaps even further) as the model frame and most of the underside (except the entry) has been completed.

P3239489 P3239492 (Medium) 

Thanks must go to my darling wife who spent the afternoon sorting the 5,000 Lego parts for me while I was building.  This has been a real time saver.  Of course it does mean that the mess on the dining room table disappears just a little more quickly.

After an endless series of gaffes and misreads, we meet the conclusion of one of the longest kit builds in my experience.  You would expect that a kit containing over 5,000 pieces would take some amount of time to construct!

 P3239496 P3239495

In this case I think I can fairly say that I lost about one or two hours because of little mistakes or using the wrong colour pieces… *groan*  All told, construction took (give or take) about sixteen hours.  It started Sunday at 2:30pm and finished roughly before 8 am this morning – with meals and sleep in between, obviously.

I watched about five movies (background noise mainly) including ‘Under Siege’, ‘Michael Clayton’, ‘Underworld’, ‘Johnny Mnemonic’, ‘The Program’ and about the first half hour of ‘Friday Night Lights’.  In the end, the result was worth it.  See attached pics for more info.

P3249504 P3249503

Build advice (for other would-be kit building enthusiasts):

  • The people at Lego do understand the laws of physics, if it doesn’t fit, you misread their instructions
  • Yes, it’s sometimes bloody hard to distinguish dark brown from dark red bricks in the instruction manual (especially at night).
  • With big sheets of flat Lego, ensure you use the right sized piece (and save a half hour of investigation).
  • Pay special attention to the framework, it can be tricky to make changes later’
  • Would it kill Lego to do a better job in distinguishing between black, dark grey and grey bricks in the instruction manual??

The lesson here is, when you notice a small quantity of pieces not coloured similarly to the majority colours (in this kit, grey, black and red) make sure you scrutinise use of said pieces.

Anyhow, after many hours of labour, we come to the final build:

 P3259508 (Medium)P3259511 (Medium)


Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon (TM) 10179

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