10221 – UCS Super Star Destroyer

Two weeks ago, two packages arrived from New York city in the United States.  The first one was the impressive Ultimate Collector’s Edition Imperial Shuttle which has been already documented.  This set, very similar in terms of part count (3152 pieces) took a little less time to build.


The box was in pretty decent condition, if you consider how far it has travelled.  The wrapping shielded it from most scratches, and aside from a little pressure, no tears or rips.  Inside the box were four more compartments, three of which contained bags of Lego, and one containing the instruction booklet – ring bound, like the Millennium Falcon and Star Destroyer.

IMG_0897 IMG_0898

IMG_0899 IMG_0871

Since UCS sets now seem to come with MiniFigs (which is fine by me), they are the first things built.  This is easy as they came pretty much split apart into two baggies.  We get nothing particularly special, although I can’t recall if Admiral Piett (above, right – right hand most figure) has been released in any other set.

The build is split into seven parts – parts 1 & 2 in box #1, parts 3 & 4 in box #2 and parts 5-7 in box #3.  The first build is the base of the ship.  We then build a skeleton frame on top of the base, as illustrated below.  As per last time, my handsome build assistant (below, left) was carefully watching the progress.

IMG_0874 IMG_0880

Once the frame is complete, the next task is building up the superstructure, which mostly overhangs the rear of the ship.  This also contains a bridge area where the MiniFigs can be used to re-enact scenes from “The Empire Strikes Back”.  This part has a removable “lid”, as shown below, right.

IMG_0884 IMG_0895

Once the superstructure is mostly complete, the two leg stands are added, and then we build the rear engines.  This is mostly the contents of box #2.  The last part of the build is to complete the outer top hull, both parts which constitute parts 6 & 7, with finishing touches applied to “lock” the hull onto the frame.

IMG_0886 IMG_0889

Once the hull is complete, and fully attached (no magnets!) we have our Imperial Super Star Destroyer.  Honestly, during the build I didn’t think it was going to look all that flash, but it does look quite striking when it is fully assembled.


Possibly my only gripe is that the base of the ship is dead flat.  I’m pretty sure the ship in the movies wasn’t flat on the entire base.  Oh well, if you can ignore the base and focus on the outside and top, it looks very appealing.


Now it goes to collect dust amongst good company – you can see the previously completed Lambda Shuttle along side the new addition.

Total build time was about eight hours – one two hour build session and one six hour session (6pm-12pm).  There are a few sections which can be built in parallel, making the build time a lot less than in some of the other UCS kits.  There were a lot less tricky parts to this one, the shuttle was a tougher build.

The only factor would be space – the kit does require a decent amount of space to build as the hull and skeleton get over a meter long.  Incidentally, as the kit is built in stages you need less table space for parts, and they are grouped (packed) into a decent taxonomy out of the bag, so finding parts is a breeze.

Note that the model looks far better from above, than below.  For display purposes, it would be better to have this at waist height or lower, for maximum effect.

Many thanks to my dutiful wife though, who sorted all the like parts over the course of the build!

Building Instructions

Super Star Destroyer (TM) 10221

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