UCS Rebuild

Over the course of a lovely long weekend, I decided to unbox and restore two very large Lego™ Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Sets; set #10030 (Imperial Star Destroyer) and set #10179 (Millennium Falcon).

The first set, the Star Destroyer, contains 3104 parts and the second set, the Millennium Falcon, contains 5195 parts making it the largest Lego™ set to date to be released.  I built the Star Destroyer originally way back in 2004 in Vancouver, Canada.  The Millennium Falcon was a little more recent, built in Brisbane in 2008.

IMG_0701 IMG_0702

Reassembly, as you might imagine, is far less time consuming than the original build.  However, it is still not a task to be undertaken lightly.  Over time (and relocations!) the many intricate parts have loosened or come apart completely, and the instructions need to be followed closely to ensure nothing is missed.

The end result though, is quite stunning (if I do say so myself).  However, I’ll let you be the judge!

Here’s the UCS Millennium Falcon:


Here’s the UCS Star Destroyer:



Which one do you think is more stunning?

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