MiniFigures Series 11

Series 11 hit shelves in August/September 2013 in the wake of the very successful Series 10. 

This set is produced in seasonal green packages, and as usual comprises of 16 random MiniFigures; however there’s no special super-limited edition version this time around.

In this series (based on my experience):

  • The hardest to find based on feel was the Pretzel Girl, partly owing to her rarity per box (~2/box),
  • The easiest to find was a tie between the Yeti and the Constable (based on commonality and feel)

Here’s the breakdown:



1. Barbarian

Feel Guide: Swords

Coming Soon!

2. Scarecrow

Feel Guide: Rake

Coming Soon!

3. Pretzel Girl

Feel Guide: Twin pronged hair + Pretzel

Coming Soon!

4. Evil Mech

Feel Guide: Armour (easy)

Coming Soon!

5. Island Warrior

Feel Guide: Rounded pointy head (beware the elf) note that the bone is separate from the head, spear

Coming Soon!

6. Gingerbread Man

Feel Guide: Round flat head

Coming Soon!

7. Holiday Elf

Feel Guide: The present (1×4)

Coming Soon!

8. Yeti

Feel Guide: The head

Coming Soon!

9. Mountain Climber

Feel Guide: the round helmet + rope

Coming Soon!

10. Welder

Feel Guide: Welding mask + circular 1×1

Coming Soon!

11. Scientist

Feel Guide: The beakers

Coming Soon!

12. Saxophone Player

Feel Guide: The top of the Indiana Jones hat

Coming Soon!

13. Diner Waitress

Feel Guide: The tray & skates

Coming Soon!

14. Grandma

Feel Guide: the cat

Coming Soon!

15. Constable

Feel Guide: The helmet (rounded, symmetrical)

Coming Soon!

16. Lady Robot

Feel Guide: The square head with a nub on it

Coming Soon!

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