MiniFigures Series 10

Series 10 - Packet

Series 10

Minifigure Feel Guide

Minifigure Comment/Photo
1 – Librarian The book is the most obvious thing to locate, in concert with the cup
2 – Medusa The head is a good giveaway, also no traditional legs (will also be bulky)
3 – Roman Centurion The helmet and sword, note that the plume of feathers is hard plastic not soft, so you won’t get it mixed up with figure #5
Roman Centurion
4 – Warrior Woman The spear is the most obvious item, followed by her shield
Warrior Woman
5 – Tomahawk Warrior His Mohawk is the same texture as the Punk Rocker and his Tomahawk are the best giveaways
Tomahawk Warrior
6 – Skydiver His helmet and backpack are the tips here.  There’s no other backpack in Series 10, so if something feels like a backpack, you know what you’ve gotSkydiver
7 – Bumblebee Girl Her helmet is the most obvious feature, the little antlers are a dead giveaway
Bumblebee Girl
8 – Grandpa This one, you’d think would be the 2×2 newspaper, but ended up being the cup that was easier to isolate
9 – Paintball Player The gun is the easiest to detect
Paintball Player
10 – Sea Captain The hat and seagull are the easiest to locate.  Note that the seagull makes the packet a little wider when compared to othersSea Captain
11 – Sad Clown His hat is an obvious point of difference, but the easiest thing to detect would be the bit around his neck (circular with bumps in it)
Sad Clown
12 – Revolutionary Soldier His musket/rifle and hair are the obvious signsRevolutionary Soldier
13 – Baseball Fielder His cap and glove are indicators
Baseball Fielder
14 – Trendsetter Her pet dog is the standout, hard to detect the 1×2 iPhone
15 – Decorator The two cylindrical parts (other than head) are the best way to detect
16 – Mechanic This is a tough one to differentiate from #6 and #8, his headpiece is probably the most reliable, and the wrench

Scarcity – Medusa, Trendsetter, Tomahawk Warrior, Bumblebee Girl, Librarian
Most Common – Baseball Fielder, Revolutionary Soldier


First purchases, ensured that the bump codes were all different (a great tip for those starting out).  Scored some great figures!  Baseball Player, Colonial Soldier, Medusa and the Sad Clown.

Toys R Us (Australia) recently had a 3 for $12 sale, so I stocked up on several packets.  The best way to detect the figures is using the feel method, but the bump codes are also unique along the bottom of each packet.  It takes about 1-2 minutes per pack to identify the contents.

If you’re unsure, check the bump codes to ensure you don’t have two of the same figure.  This is an easy way to cross check, for example I nearly picked up two Skydivers until I compared the bottom edge and realised they were the same.

Total number of Minifigures: 16 + 7 duplicates (23 purchased in total)

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